8 quick thoughts on F8

  1. Facebook’s move to make everything on the Internet a first class object is brilliant(ly evil).
  2. Facebook’s social plugin play is their way of building up the largest ad network on the planet.
  3. The new Facebook connect widget that shows your friends faces before you log in is an amazing example of social proof.
  4. Facebook’s haughty assumption that the entire world is always logged into Facebook (which makes their iframe-powered plugins work) is sadly pretty realistic.
  5. Facebook’s recommendations widget just killed a whole class of startups.
  6. Facebook’s embracing of openness and OAuth doesn’t mean as much as it would have 3 years ago, now that they are by far the largest player.
  7. The simple use of curl / JSON to pull objects from http://graph.facebook.com/ is really well done.
  8. All of this confirms for me that Facebook is just as evil as before, as intent on world domination as before, and have brilliant people who can make it happen. Yikes.
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    Spot on. But I might give them a half evil. Evil as in free beer, as in they are bound-forward by the circumstances...
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    As a Yankee fan, since when are you opposed to someone trying to achieve world domination?
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